Food Glorious Food excursion

South West Rocks Kindergarten students enjoyed an excursion in Term 3 as part of our Food Glorious Food theme.

Our Food Glorious Food tour started at the Wigay Aboriginal Cultural Park in Kempsey, where we had a bush tucker garden adventure, led by our very knowledgeable guide Alena.

Alena showed the children lots of bush tucker, and what is good to eat and what is not good to eat. We saw a native beehive and learnt about different grasses and how they were used. Beautiful Nancy and Tasha organised craft activities for us and the students got to stamp patterns in clay discs using a variety of natural objects, and paint timber discs, leaves and bark, again using a variety of natural paints and tools. We have used these discs to create art pieces that are hanging from our trees near our classrooms and they are a beautiful reminder of our experience.

A care bear came from the Red Cross and gave each student their very own care bare. Alena and the Aunties made the children a lemon myrtle drink and some damper made with local native grass seeds. They showed us tools that were used for gathering bush tucker. It was such a fabulous learning experience for us and we were very lucky to share their knowledge and this food with them.

Story contributed by Paul Lynch from South West Rocks Public School. Published in 2018.